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Virtual Sports Meet August 2021

Virtual Sports Meet August 2021

The DEC Anbalaya Virtual sports meet was held on the 24th of September. This was the first time that Anbalaya went online to hold a sports meet. We used the Google meet platform to host the event. For those who were unable to connect via the online mode a special in-person sports event was held on the 25th The students participated with great interest and enthusiasm. We also had external participants from Mother Teresa Special School who took part in several fun games. The Pre skills of major sports were taken as a measure for competitive assessment. Children were trained all through the past month with available materials and space at home this led to good performances during the online practice sessions by the pre skills of the major games.

Even during this hard time in our lives, we managed to encourage and entertain our children with the conduct of this sports meet.

This day proved that our children too could adapt to the new virtual environment and also to many other days to day changes. We thank TAV products for their support towards the conduct of this program.

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