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sPECIAl school

A special school in the name of ‘AnbalayA’ which is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu is to train and provide welfare to the differently-abled and intellectually challenged. AnbalayA is a word meaning “Home of Love”. It extends hands to welcome all the Intellectually Challenged children in North Chennai & Thiruvallur District. The unique head of “AnbalayA” is that it offers updated techniques with a variety of services under one roof. So far it has trained more than 300 students to settle down through main stream education & job opportunities.

rural special SCHOOL

 It was started as a Community Based Centre in Menellathur village at Tiruvallur District in the year 2007 with the sole aim of creating awareness to the rural people in and around the surrounding villages therby allowing them to develop their skills in academic and non-academic areas. In the year 2013, a training based residential centre  was established in our own building with support from the State Govt’s Ministry of Social Welfare. This centre trains adolescents with intellectual disability in life skills for an independent life. There are about 30 students who stay in the hostel. The centre also organises routine medical camps and various other awareness campaigns in its surrounding villages.


Referral Service

We network with Govt., & private hospitals, clinics, schools, corporate sectors & professionals to refer the students for treatment, training, guidance, counseling, placement and aids & appliances.


capacity building

The staff, parents and Persons With Disabilities are offered periodical skill-enhancing capacity-building workshops. 

1.    The CRE programme -National level seminar is hosted in collaboration with NIEPMD,
2.    Staff training on topics supporting their roles.
3.    Parents and Persons with Disabilities are equipped to understand and learn to present themselves with opportunities. So far the organisation has conducted more than 100 parent training sessions and more than 50 training programmes for Persons with Disabilities.


Skill development training

A variety of skill supported training programmes are offered to women, Persons With Intellectual Disability in collaboration with the Ministry of Human resources and with the Ministry of Social justice & Empowerment. Both short term and long-term courses are offered in the fields of Tailoring, Jewel making, Cell phone servicing, Computer skills, Machine operations, Front desk works, and Housekeeping. The organisation guides the participants to generate income from the training through placements or by self-employment.


Vocational Unit

The qualified Intellectually Challenged from Pre Vocational level are selected for the vocational unit called Wheel Vocational Unit. The WVU aims to make every adolescent intellectually challenged as to support their family. It is preparing the trainees for gainful employment. This Unit provides variety of opportunities to make use of their skills and talents to produce Life Style Products, Stationeries, Fashion Jewelry, Cleaning Materials, House Hold Orticals etc., The products are displayed in exhibitions & sales through corporate sectors, IT concern, nearby schools, hospitals & local shops. More than 25 successful skilled workers from WVU are placed in jobs as per their ablity.


Special coaching programme for Sports & Games are designed to the Intellectually Challenged to get improvement in their physical strength & mental strength especially to overcome their Behaviour problem & social stigma. It is providing more opportunities to the athletes to participate in ‘Special Olympics’ events from district to International. The athletes & parents are motivated to join the movement and get self confidence and receive rewards & medals regularly.

Therapy Unit

Children as young as six months come to this department for physiotherapy, occupational, speech and sensory therapy. Necessary aids and appliances are used in the unit to support movement to strengthen their muscles to maximum level. Children those who are spastic, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Autistic & with speech problem are attending this unit and get improved as per their ability level. 
The other therapies like Play Therapy, Art & Craft, Creative Movement Therapy, Music/Dance Therapy, Brain Gym & Yoga are also followed to improve their physical ability and to be socially improved. Speech therapy is to produce sound and to get clear speech or to get communication skill to express their desires and needs.

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