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DEC is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1975. DEC recognized the people with disabilities as they were among the poorest and the most vulnerable of the society often discriminated against and excluded even in their own communities. DEC decided to give special attention to their rights, inclusion, and opportunities. Since its inception, DEC is able to have reached out to more than 5000 differently-abled persons, women, and children in its project areas irrespective of caste, colour, and religion.


The founders when in search of a good cause to serve the society found that persons with disabilities, especially children with intellectual disabilities were unnoticed and often considered useless. Many had to travel into the city for whatsoever guidance, treatment, or school services. As this cost was unaffordable for many, the parents never did bother about their children and usually got them locked up. Upon consideration of this pathetic situation in the Northern Chennai area, the founders initiated identification of these children at their doorsteps and established training services for the needy. This initiative was a sigh of relief for the parents of children with intellectual disabilities.


"Tall oaks from little acorns grow"    

David Everett

Our Mission

To decrease the occurrence of disability.

To enable and empower the differently-abled, the deprived, and women in the society.

To motivate their intent of gaining self-respect.

To strengthen the supportive group.

Our Mission
disabled trainees

Our Vision

  • A community with the understanding of deprived & differently-abled which provide opportunities to them.

  • Quality of life is assured to them, which is on par with the other citizens of the country.

  • Independent living for the differently-abled in the community supported by Government resources.

  • A supportive family atmosphere for the children, women, and differently-abled.

Meet The Team

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Mr Vijayakumar


My project-1 (3)_edited.jpg

Mr Antony Joseph

Vice President 

My project-1 (4).png

Mr Prabhakaran


My project-1 (5).png

Ms Helen A


My project-1.png

Ms.Francis Porsingula S


My project-1 (6).png

Adv. Arivunithi K

Member - Legal Advisor

My project-1 (8).png

Dr. Sagy C C


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We are registered with

  • Societies registration act

  • School registration act

  • Persons with disabilities act

  • National trust act

  • Rehabilitation council of India act

  • Foreign contribution regulation act

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