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Solsarc partnership training

Solsarc is a registered NGO based on Mumbai providing inclusive solutions by promoting trainings for the young persons with challenges to become employable. DEC collaborating with Sols arc and initiated employment training for our young adults with Autism, and intellectual challenges in classroom settings with the updated methodology & training materials induce for the Retails sales job for the PWDS. The trainees selected for the course is Tamilarasi, Samyuktha, Kailash, Gokulnath, Davaadthithayan, and karthick. Six different subjects for the retails job is handled by trainers. The actual session starts with the wishing message by K.Prabhakaran, secretary, DEC on 5.1.2022 .The training includes online & offline classes, internships, exposure visits, on job training , practical etc.

We hope that within a year the team will get jobs in retail sector.

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