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Annual Day Celebration - 27th year

DEC-Anbalaya, Chennai celebrated its 27th Annual Day on 13th April 2023 at ARSS, Thiruvallur center. This grand occasion was taken place to commemorate the 27 years of social and community-oriented development and achievements by the organization. This event was chaired by the DDAWO- Thiruvallur, Dr.S.Babu, Mr. SenthilKumar, HR, Caterpillar Pvt Ltd., Mr. Lemuvel, Advocate, Director, and thirukural semmal Mr sendhil. In this great and grant event all the special children and their parents and some former students, total of around 300 people took part and shared their success stories of their wards, which was exceptional in this event. Cultural and other activities were staged at this event. Besides this, the chairpersons shared their 27 years of acquaintance and experiences in the gathering. The event was concluded with a felicitation programme for the sponsors of DEC Anbalaya.

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