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Cater pillar CSR visit to ARRS on 19.8.2022

The Caterpillar CSR team have paid visit to Anbalaya Resedential school in Malnallathur on 19.8.2022 Ms Wendi Gentry-Stuenkel-Vice President procurement, Mr. Vasudevan Eachur Chakaravarthy-Procurement Manager, with many other team stayed with children for about 30 mts. The CSR team has donated a display steel cupboard, an office table, cooking stove , plate stand and some sports materials. The team opened them officially for usage and distributed prizes to the sports winners and also sweets. Student Ebenezer recited Thirukural and Tamilarasi and Mega sree performed a dance to entertain the guests. The visitors went around the campus and watched the earlier contributions of Caterpillar, the bunker cots, grills, and rails etc. They purchased the products prepared by trainees. The team returned with happy and satisfactory visit to Anbalaya.

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